The Aircall Headset EMF Radiation Protection

The Aircall Headset EMF Radiation Protection

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Air Tube Anti-Radiation Headsets

A unique combination of technologies incorporating pneumatic earphones that keeps all EMF radiation away from close proximity to your brain and head whilst maintaining excellent sound transmission quality.

Normal headsets and ear buds reduce the direct EMF radiation from your phone by allowing the phone to be away from your head. However they still transmit some of the EMF radiation via the jack and wires from your mobile phone straight to your ears and close to your brain. The speakers in each ear piece produce their own EMF radiation too, as do the electrical wires in the leads.

Aircall is different.  The wires from the jack to the speakers are copper shielded so that they emit no EMF radiation.  In keeping with World Health Organisation recommendations, the transducers are situated a specific distance away from the head within the pneumatic tubing and so do not irradiate your head.  The sound is transmitted through the air in the tubing to the ear buds in the same way that a medical stethoscope works, for excellent sounds quality.

Aircall protects against electromagnetic radiation in direct contact with the inside of the ear.

Aircall eliminates the EMF emitted by the electric currents supplying standard earphones.

Aircall prevents the propagation of electromagnetic radiation from your mobile phone or other electronic device through the electric cables.

Further Information

Miniature speakers in "standard" headsets contain permanent magnets which generate a magnetic field and therefore induce an electrical field right next to the brain.

With Aircall, the ear buds placed in the ear canal do not contain any magnetic elements or anything that can generate an EMF. The transducers are located at a significant distance from the brain, in two small chambers or sound cavities.  This distance corresponds exactly to the W.H.O. (World Health Organization) recommendations, confirming that creating distance between the EMF source and the brain is the most effective way to reduce the effects often experienced by wearers of "standard" headsets.

The sound generated by the transducers vibrating the air in the hollow tube travels to the ears within the air in the hollow tube.

Cable shielding
From the jack plug, all the wiring is covered with an insulating shield made of woven pure copper wire, preventing the dissipation of any EMFs from the wired section of tubing. All these properties justified the decision of the Chinese Army to equip their air pilots with this patented technology.

Safety distance from the brain with Aircall
The Aircall keeps any electric or electromagnetic field  (from wiring and headphones components ) away from the brain with a cable length of 1.26m. This distance explains the reduction in exposure levels by more than 99%.

Aircall earphones are equipped with a patented system of acoustic chambers (sound cavity) for each ear: the sound is reproduced by amplification in the acoustic chamber and then transmitted through the air tube to the ear.


Aircall should be used like any other headphones: a jack allows the standard connection for all mobile phones, a small clip (provided) keeps the earphones at the right height, and the ergonomic shape of the ear buds guarantee a good fit of the headphones, whether driving, on the train, or while jogging.

The Aircall kit comes with a pair of spare membranes:replacement membranes can be ordered.

NB: Whilst the Aircall prevents the propagation of EMFs to the head as happens with standard headphones, it does not prevent the effects related to EMF emitted by the phone itself on the rest of the body.

We recommend combining the use of the Aircall with CMO technology Easycall (whch mitigates the adverse effects of EMFs from your mobile phone) in order to provide a comprehensive solution to EMF radiation from mobile phone use. Product information for the Easycall is provided on the product page of this eShop. 


1. Do not leave the headset plugged into your laptop or other device’s audio jack when stored in its case. This tends to create excessive mechanical pulls on the wires of the earphone jack and thus leads to a breakage of the wires prematurely, which will not be covered by the warranty.

2. Do not wrap the wire around a device for the same reasons.

3. Pacemaker and defibrillator user warning: By applying the optimum precautionary principle, and due to the presence of a permanent magnet in the transducers, the Aircall is contraindicated for use by anybody fitted with a pacemaker in line with standard recommendations for electrical headphones.

4. WARNING! Due to hygiene regulations, our “money back” guarantee cannot be applied to this product unless returned unopened and undamaged. Any return that we receive that has been opened will not be accepted. Thank you for your understanding.